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Pradhan International Movers and Packers offer top-notch relocation services worldwide. Our expert team ensures a seamless moving experience, handling everything from packing to transportation. Trust Pradhan for a stress-free international move, where professionalism meets personalized service. Your journey begins with Pradhan – making global relocation hassle-free. Choose Pradhan for tailored moving solutions, secure transportation, and a commitment to excellence. 

               The services, which we provide when you shift from one country to another country, includes export packaging, loading & unloading, transportation by sea or air, customs clearance, and also unpacking at the new location, and remove the debris also. Your journey begins with us – Pradhan International Movers and Packers, where reliability meets the world!

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Pre-Home Survey

Our team at Pradhan Relocations understands that every family moving to another country will have some specific needs. To understand these needs, implement and plan for a smooth, we do a Pre-Home survey. Our highly trained experts will either understand your needs over the phone or email or visit your home. This will include : 

  • Inspection of your goods and calculate the Volume of the same.
  • Understand your specific needs.
  • Identify the valuable and delicate items for special packing/wooden crating.
  • Take measurements of goods if any require wooden crating.
  • Assess manpower and material requirements for the shifting.
  • Check facilities for loading and parking vehicles.
  • During the survey, we will explain the process of packing and moving. If any doubts, we will clear them to you. 
  • Fix the schedule dates for packing & moving. 
Pre Home Survey

Export Packing

We believe that the packing is the most critical aspect of a move and moving is a very personal business and we believe that success is based on our ability to see life through the eyes of the people we serve. When you entrust your move to us, you know that you will receive the most professional service and the very best of care.

  • Variety of multiply Cartons Box designed specifically for home moving.
  • Cardboard,
  • High Quality Corrugated Rolls,
  • Bubble-wrap, Thermocol,
  • Tissue Paper & White paper,
  • Polythene & Plastic wrap,
  • Stretch and Shrink Film Packing,
  • Custom Crating for Antiques, Artwork and Paintings
  • PE Foam
  • Silikazel
  • Naptholin Balls

Our superior packing also provides added protection from dust, humidity and severity of the transit. Some of our packing materials mention as above which we are using at the time of packing.

Loading & Unloading

Pradhan Relocations is one of the trusted International Movers and Packers and have a specialized team who taking care of moving of loading and unloading processes. The goods are usually transported through air or sea. And the loading and unloading of the materials are done in a local vehicle. The vehicle takes the goods to the airport or seaport and then loads them into the aircraft or Container of a ship. At the destination, our partner team unloads the goods from the aircraft or container of Sea and takes them in a vehicle for delivery as per your given delivery address. 

Loading – Pradhan’s professional team first ensures that all items are properly packed as per export rules and labelled for moving. Once done, they are listed for inventory, following up to load into our moving vehicle and ensure no damage. After loading the vehicle, the truck is ready for its journey towards the airport or seaport.

Unloading– Once the goods reach the airport or seaport, our partner vehicle is ready to receive the goods and take them to the location given to us by you. Our team then starts the unloading process by checking each item against the inventory list to ensure they are accounted for. Your representatives will guide and instruct our trained movers to carefully place boxes and furniture in the room of your choice as per your requirement. 

Unpacking Services

Pradhan Relocations is one of the leading International Movers and Packers and committed to making your international moving experience as convenient and hassle-free as possible. Hence we also provide unpacking services to help you settle down in your new house easily by removing the packaging material from each of the items and place as per your choice. Your goods will be unpacked with special care, keeping in mind that the shipments reached through rigorous transport way.

  • Unpack your furniture and also reassemble it at the place of your choice.
  • Unpacks and reassemble electronic goods such as TV, computer, washing machine
  • Unpacking cartons, boxes and containers and taking out your goods smoothly.
  • Unpack breakables and fragile goods with utmost care and arranging them properly at the place of your choice.

Pet Relocations

Pets are treated as family members and shifting them can be very challenging and stressful. It is more worrying when there is a need to relocate pets abroad. We are here to relocate your pet to another country hassle-free and stress-free. There are a lot of complicated and cumbersome paper works that are required, and our pet relocation team will help you to do the same. You will find our personalized & pet-friendly relocation services include pet transportation. Our partner pet carriers use the highest-quality transportation and pet relocation techniques, and services include the following:

Coordinating with airlines and booking the pet on the best available route

  • Preparing All Customs & Airline Documentation for your pet
  • Door to Door delivery service on time
  • Round the clock support for your pet during transit
  • Arranging veterinary health examinations as per need
  • Pet Boarding Services

Transportation (Sea/Air)

Pradhan’s efficient team takes care of your valuable goods throughout the journey to another country. We are completely reliable and trusted since 1999. We understand that transportation plays an important role in shifting, and we ensure complete safety. You may transfer your goods by air or ship, and we help you with modern instruments like lifters, hydraulic elevators, etc., for safe and speedy services.

….Peace of Mind. Safe. Trusted.

Fine Art Moving Services

If you want to move your valuable fine art collection abroad, our highly professional team can help you with everything needed to make the relocation damage-free. Our professional fine-art moving specialists are trained in the packing and handling of art. They will transfer your prized possessions from one country to another by packing them with fire-proof, Vacuum packing and impact-protected packing using specialized packing materials, and special equipment. We also offer secure handling, unpacking, clearance, transportation and storage services. You can avail of our customized service, which is best suitable for your specific art collection. We can deliver your art collection to various art galleries, auction events and cultural events. Our international fine art moving/shipping services include – 

  • Export quality packing of paintings, sculptures & antiques, fine arts.
  • Packing in custom made reusable crates, cartons & plywood boxes.
  • International fine-art shipping & customs formalities.
  • Installation and multidestination moving for fairs & exhibitions.
  • Insurance and risk management for damages.


Custom Clearance

Pradhan Relocations team can help with your customs clearance process. The process starts with the preparation and submission of necessary documents required to facilitate the Imports and Exports. The documentation is complicated for custom clearance, and our expert will help you with this same. We will also guide and represent you during the custom examination to make it easy for you. Post this examination, there will be other proceedings as well that we will help you with, such as evaluation of the documents, assessments, payment of customs duties, and establishing delivery parameters. The last step where we will help you with is, taking delivery of the cargo on your behalf from the customs house after clearance along with the necessary documents.

Handy Man Service

Our moving team understands that being in a new country can be overwhelming, and you may face difficulty in finding a handyman after the goods reach your new abode. Moreover, before you move, you may also want to carry some of your old fixtures along with you. We are at your service to provide various handyman services such as opening and fixing curtains, changing lights etc. Some of our handyman services include:

  • Re-installing of the Fixtures 
  • Basic electrical fixing
  • Basic plumbing
  • Basic repairs
  • Repair of locks and cabinets
  • Curtains and blinds removal/fixing
  • Mirror fixing
  • Picture frames removal/hanging
  • Assembling shelves
  • Touch up painting


Shipment Protection

At Pradhan Relocations, we take pride in shipping items across the world using advanced shipping techniques to ensure damage-free delivery. Even with the best possible shipping processes in place,  mishaps can happen at any times, which is beyond our controls. Sometimes it can be a human error, and sometimes it is the forces of nature operating beyond human control. Because of that, we offer you shipment protection to cover for losses /damage during transit to another country. We are ready to accept the possibility of any unfortunate incident and hence offer comprehensive shipment protection to cover the same. It ensures that we are guaranteeing against any damage that may occur due to any negligence on our part while packing the items, loading them in the moving vehicles, and unloading and unpacking them at the new location.



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