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     Moving an office or a factory along with all equipment, documents, records etc., can be a mammoth task involving a high level of sensitivity. You may be relocating your office from one locality to another in the same city, or maybe another city. Or you may be relocating your office to another country, the criticality involved for all locations is the same. You would be keen to get the shifting done with as little disruption in the workflow as possible. Moreover, like every organization, you would be concerned about the confidentiality and security of your documents and files. To accomplish this, you will need a professional packer and mover service who can complete the process in the minimum possible time deftly. This is where we come in. We are committed to providing you with our premium service where we handle the entire process with utmost confidentiality maintaining a high level of security. With a focus on precision, professionalism, and personalized service, we are committed to delivering top-notch commercial moving solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of your business.

Industrial Packing

Get high-quality Industrial Packaging Support

We understand the importance of industrial packaging. Our industrial packing experts are well trained and are well equipped with the knowledge of using various innovative solutions for packing office furniture, equipment etc. Our packaging includes wooden packing, crates, and boxes that help in keeping the goods safe and make them easy to relocate. We also provide cranes and trailers to meet your machinery transportation requirements successfully. 

Our packing solutions can be one-time movement solutions or can be assembly line packing solutions. With us, you can transport heavy to heavier loads very easily to every corner of the country. We make it possible for you to take your business to destinations across the world.

Office Relocations

Make your office relocation easy

Pradhan Relocations has a capable team with a reputation of being experts in the shifting of offices. We help companies shift their offices from one location to another in the same city, state, country or even internationally. We understand that office relocation is a time-bound process and requires a high level of expertise. With us, you can shift your location in a hassle-free manner within the stipulated time frame. We ensure that your office goods are transferred to the new location damage free.

Our office packaging services involves packing all office furniture. This includes desks, chairs, filing cabinets, office equipment as well as innumerable files and documents. Once packed, the goods are relocated to the new destination.


Factory Shifting

Shift your factory within a short time

Factory shifting includes many complicated phases that makes the whole scenario one of the toughest tasks to do. Depending on the number and type of goods the phase of shifting differs. It may include relocation of several things that are connected with the factory, such as plants relocation, manpower relocation, raw material shifting, by-product shifting and manufactured goods shifting.We are proficient in helping companies shift their factories from one location to another. Factory relocation is a time-bound process to ensure minimum disruption of work. It also requires a high level of expertise to ensure that nothing is left behind while relocating. Factory goods may include items that are as small as a small nut weighing 1 gram or as big as a 20 feet broiler weighing 5000 kgs. Our expert team ensures every small and big item is handled with care and shifted to the new location without any damage within the time committed.

IT Assets relocations

Rely on us for transferring your IT Assets damage-free

IT Assets are one of the most valuable assets in the world of technological advancement. Most of the data for an organization is maintained in electronic form in the computers and high-end servers. Moreover, many of the data maintained in these IT assets are confidential and are highly sensitive. One small damage to any of the IT Assets can cost the company to incur huge losses. Hence special care must be given to these during the shifting. As we understand this, we offer our customers specialized services for the transfer of all of their IT assets. You can completely rely on us to get your IT Asset transferred to the new location without a single scratch. Our office relocation team are well trained to handle all sorts of IT assets ranging from Computers, Laptops, High End Servers, Printers, Plotters, Electronic systems and libraries in a organised manners. We ensure this with our diverse forms of specialized packaging such as anti-static packaging, HD foam packaging, Vacuum packaging or customized crating.

Record Management

Store your records safely with us

Every business generates data in a huge quality daily. While much of this data is electronically maintained in computers, there are others like forms, printouts, bills, invoices etc that have to be maintained in the forms of physical records and documents. These documents and records need to be stored for a long duration for future reference and statutory purposes. Often companies run out of space and take the help of external agents to maintain their records and documents. Our expert record management team at Pradhan Relocations understands the criticality of the records and the need to keep them in safe custody. Hence we offer our clients safe and hygienic facilities where documents and records can be kept safely and can be accessed easily whenever required. Our clean and secure warehouses are the best places to store your records and they are well guarded by physical security and 24/7 CCTV cameras.  

Transportation (Rail/Road)

Transportation by Rail/Road transfer of your industrial goods

The transportation team is well outfitted for carrying over heavy, dimensional, and cumbersome cargoes. Our professionalism, experience, and knowledge help us in carrying industrial goods over long distances to reach any place in the country. Our road transport vehicles are driven by licensed drivers who have been certified with quality training and are committed to professionally transferring your industrial goods. Be it a local, city to city, state to state or long-distance move, our best service with unmatched dependability and flexibility is assured. No matter how exceptional your shipment is, we have the equipments and capacity to handle your goods. Our experts will match your goods with the right vehicle and route to make the transport smooth and quick. If you need to transfer your goods by rail, we can also help you by loading and unloading your goods in the goods train after packing them properly

Loading & Unloading

Ensure damage-free Loading & Unloading of your commercial goods

Loading –Pradhan Relocation’s professional team first ensures that all your industrial goods from the smallest pin to the largest machinery are properly packed and labelled for moving. Once done, they are listed for inventory. Following this, your industrial contents are systematically loaded into our moving vehicle with care to ensure no damage, and the vehicle is ready for its journey towards the new location.

Unloading –Once the vehicle reaches the new location, our team starts the unloading process in the presence of your company representative by checking each item against the inventory list to ensure that each item is accounted for. Your company representatives need to guide and instruct our trained team to carefully place boxes and furniture, etc. in the place of your choice in the new office or factory. 


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